After School Islamic Studies Program Separate Space For Both Boys and Girls
(men teachers for boys and lady teachers for girls)
(Monday — Thursday 5-7 pm Sunday mornings 11:00 — 1:00)
Our Madrasa Program will be offering A Quran Hifz program with dedicated,
teachers of Quran.
Insha'Allah our children will learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters;
which is a well known problem for non -Arabic speakers of the Arabic language.
There will also be a keen focus on correct Tajweed rules & (pronunciation).
You can make the choice upon enrollment (Hifz, or general Islamic Studies) .
Your choice must be specific upon enrollment, first come first serve classes.
It is a complete after school Islamic Studies program from the sources of Quran
and authentic Sunnah.
Our hope is to develop well mannered Muslim children In sha Allah.
Where: all the classes will be held on location At the Masjid
*Please note: The student must display a clear ability to be able to attend to
personal needs without assistance. This is a must upon enrollment!