Asalaamu’Alaykum, Welcome to Masjid Sirat Al Mustaqim

We are located in the city of Brampton Ontario. Al- Humdullah we offer 5 daily Salah (prayers); youth and family crisis counseling is also available.

Jummah Prayers at the center will be starting at 1:30 – 2:00 all year round

We offer Islamic studies both separate for boys and girls; men and women young and old.

Al- Humdullah all are welcome to attend our center. please refer to our Objectives section under “what is our call” to find out more about our organization goals and objectives.

The Straight Path Islamic Center is a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency (, registration number 839117736RR0001.

All donations made to the Masjid are tax deductible

May Allah bless you and all our efforts Amen!

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Prayer Times February 19, 2019
Prayer Iqamah
Fajr6:15 am
Sunrise7:22 am
Zuhr1:00 pm
Asr3:30 pm
Maghrib5:45 pm
Isha7:30 pm

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